Online lesson # 2 Lap Steel Guitar 101 parts 1 and 2

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Lap Steel Guitar 101: Now on Online lesson

The best place to start! Even if you don't know anything about music,
this Online lesson set will show you all the basics.

Lap Steel Guitar Instructional Online lesson by GeorgeBoards™   New for Lap Steel Guitar 101 C6th Tuning C-E-G-A-C-E

No prior experience needed.  Your best tool to start learning.  Lap Steel Guitar 101 on Online lesson is geared toward steel lap enthusiasts who would like to learn the basics of playing with the C6th tuning, low to high strings C-E-G-A-C-E.  The Online lesson contains 6 tracks played by professional musicians.  Track 6 provides accompaniment to Steel Guitar Rag.

Let GeorgeBoards™ help you make the Transition to Lap Steel Playing.  We teach you the tunings that the Pro's use and how to get a Clear, Precise Sound.  This release of Lap Steel Guitar 101 C6th Tuning Online lesson covers techniques you will need  to know and practice, from how to wear your picks to creating Lap Steel specific sounds like Vibrato and Harmonic Chimes.  GeorgeBoards™ method will have you playing Lap Steel Guitar in no time at all and having a lot of fun learning too!

Quickly and Easily increase your playing proficiency with this Lap Steel Guitar 101 double Online lesson set.  Effortlessly understand other GeorgeBoards™ Online lessons as well as many more complicated courses available today.  After you have completed this Online lesson set, try additional GeorgeBoards™ Online lessons or other artist's videos and books.  You will be amazed at how much easier everything is now and at how much more you can do in such a short time.

Lap Steel Guitar 101, our most comprehensive instruction!!

This Lap Steel Guitar 101 course is 2 Full hours - 2 Full Online lessons.  Super camera angles put you in the player's seat.  Start with proper picking hand position.  Learn how to pick and mute.  Practice bar control along with the Online lesson movie for smooth sounding, accurately tuned licks. 

Our best, most in depth Online lesson to date!

Lap Steel Guitar 101 Online lesson set includes movies on playing:
* Major Chords, 7th Chords
* Picking and Scale Exercises
* 1-4-5 and Diminished Slants
* Blues licks
* Minor chords and Slides
* 2 note Harmonies
* Steel Guitar Rag

Plus more!

Now on 1 Online lesson:
1. How to play "Lap Steel Guitar 101 Part 1" Online lesson
2. How to play "Lap Steel Guitar 101 Part 2" Online lesson
3. How to play "Lap Steel Guitar 101 Practice Tracks" included on Online lesson

These Online lessons are designed to play on your home computer on full screen with good audio and behave like rental movies.  Use your mouse control to select the movies of your choice.  The pause, back up, and replay features of Online lessons simplify the learning experience.

Lap Steel Guitar 101is a favorite of Lap Steel Guitar players worldwide.

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