Online # 6 Songs From The Great American Songbook

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1. GeorgeBoards™ Version of Bye Bye Blackbird: Now an Online lesson

Demonstrated in C6th Tuning
Low to High Strings C-E-G-A-C-E

GeorgeBoards presents his version of Bye Bye Blackbird for 6 and 8 string C6th.

This classic tune will fit well in every song list. Professor Boards has created animated Charts and animated Tabs to enhance the learning experience. You will be able to download your own tabs and charts online that are printable from your home computer's printer.

Mr.Boards teaches 3 Unique Variations of the Melody - all are EZ to play and memorize. Each of the 8 Pages have 2 tabs. The lap steel guitar lesson has MR.Boards playing to the included practice track, followed by a note by note slow walk through each tab with an animated "bouncing ball" to help visualize each note and chord.

There is an Open Position melody that utilizes open stings. The Single Note Position is a really nice melody that is all on Frets #9 and Fret #10. This instructional Online lesson also has a Chord Melody too. You learn to hit 2-3-4 note chords up and down the C6 neck that produce the Melody.

The Tune Up C6 movie shows the 6 string C6 - C-E-G-A-C-E and goes on to the 8 string addition of an A Note for the low string, plus a Chromatic "D" Note on the outside.

This Online lesson includes:
• Practice Track with Chord Chart.
• 8 Pages with 2 Tabs with Download Instructions.
• 25 Animated Tabs with Professor Boards demonstrating every note and phrase.
• Tune Up C6 Movie for both 6 string and 8 string extensions.

2. GeorgeBoards.com Instructional Online lesson: It Had To Be You plus Crazy the song: Now an Online lesson

Super Popular!

It Had To Be You

George MR. Board's Most Popular Song

Broken Down - Note by Note - Phrase by Phrase.

We make it Easy To Learn this Classic Tune. A GeorgeBoards C6th Non Pedal Steel Guitar Version of the  Harry Conick Jr. Arrangement.

The Practice Track is included for you to play along with. George has included his On Screen Motion Tabs to Enhance the Learning Experience.

As an added Bonus -- MR. Boards has included his version of the Classic Willie Nelson Song "Crazy" made Famous by Patsy Cline .

3. GeorgeBoards™ Version of MoonGlow: Now an Online lesson

Demonstrated in C6th Tuning
Low to High Strings C-E-G-A-C-E

MoonGlow - GeorgeBoards? Version C6th Tuning A-C-E-G-A-C-E-D

Great American Song Book Classic Easy to Learn -- Fun to play.

This Online lesson includes Detailed Movies to learn: The Melody, The Bridge and Solo Notes, & The Chords for the Melody and Bridge.

George MR.Boards shows you every thing on camera in Slow Motion and at Full Speed while Detailing the Frets Strings as well as the Fingers used to pick each Phrase.

We have full written TABs for the entire arrangement that are on the Online lesson. There is a link with detailed instructions on how to Download the Tabs from the Internet and print with your computer.

This Online lesson is designed to play on your home computer on full screen with good audio and behave like rental movies. Use your remote control to select the movies of your choice. The pause, back up, and replay features of Online lessons simplify the learning experience.

Available for 30 days after purchase. $4.99 Links and passwords sent upon payment receipt.

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