Basics and Blues 2008 for the C6th Lap Steel Guitar

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Basics and Blues 2008 for the C6th Lap Steel Guitar

Basics and Blues 2008 is our most Popular DVD.
No Previous Musical Experience is needed to understand these instructions.
Basic playing techniques movies to get you started playing Right Away!!

This DVD/CD set is geared toward musicians (in particular guitar players) who would like to add some Lap Steel Guitar music to their repertoire.
The CD contains 10 tracks played by professional musicians useful as accompaniment when practicing the licks learned in the lessons.

The DVD contains several movies including:
* C6th tune up movie
* Details on bar control that the pro's use to get that Great Sound
* 1-4-5 Chords
* 1-4-5 Angles (Slants) to get some 7th sounds
* 3 Note Angle Melting Notes
* Guitar Licks Pocket for some single note blues and power rock action
* Country Lick that works for blues and rock-n-roll too

Let our Basics and Blues instructions help you make the transition to Lap Steel Guitar playing. They will help you quickly transfer your existing musical knowledge. The C6th tuning used in these lessons is most commonly associated with Hawaiian, Hank Williams Sr., and Western Swing music. It lends itself well to modern Blues and Power Rock because of its melodic ties to Blues and Jazz Music Theory.

These instructions are taught for a 6 string instrument C-E-G-A-C-E low to high strings. All of GeorgeBoards™ lessons can be learned with 6-string or 8-string lap steels. C6th tuning is the same for both.

This DVD is designed to play on your home television set on widescreen 16:9 with good audio and behave like rental movies.
Use your remote control to select the movies of your choice.

The pause, back up, and replay features of DVDs simplify the learning experience.

NTSC standard playable in all regions