Lap Steel Guitar Instructional DVD GeorgeBoards™
Book 1 - 2008 How to Get "That Sound"

  • Book 1 - 2008 for Lap Steel Guitar


Lap Steel Guitar Instructional DVD GeorgeBoards™
Book 1 - 2008 How to Get "That Sound"

Let GeorgeBoards™ help you make the Transition to Lap Steel Playing. We teach you in the C6th tuning that the Pro's use and how to get a Great Sound. This Book 1 – 2008 How to Get "That Sound" DVD is 18 One-on-One Instructions based on actual lessons taught to students. We take the whole process down to a Molecule by Molecule approach that even the most Un-Trained Hands can Catch On to Right Away! You only need a love for "That Sound" and the Drive to accomplish any level desired. GeorgeBoards™ method will have you playing Lap Steel Guitar in no time at all and having a lot of fun learning too! This 2008 has been updated with Player's View Camera and Graphic Overlaid Tabs.

Easy to use ELECTRONIC book!!! Everything is on camera, no paperwork needed!!!
This DVD plays on any television with a DVD player!!! Listen to the CD on your CD player.

Quickly and Easily increase your playing proficiency with this Book 1 – 2008 How to Get "That Sound" DVD.
Effortlessly understand other GeorgeBoards™ DVD's as well as other more complicated courses available today.
After you have completed this DVD, try our other GeorgeBoards™ DVDs or other artist's Videos and Books.
You will be amazed at how much easier everything is now and at how much more you can do in such a short time.
Now that your hands know what to do!!

No prior experience needed. This Book 1 - 2008 How to Get "That Sound" DVD/CD set is geared toward Lap Steel
Guitar players who would like to learn how to get "That Sound" with the C6th tuning, low to high strings C-E-G-A-C-E.
The Audio CD contains 17 tracks played by a professional musician. Simple chord changes on an acoustic guitar
make it easy for you to play along. You'll get some great ideas by watching GeorgeBoards™ play to the track at the
end of each movie.

Book 1 - 2008 How to Get "That Sound" is a full hour, Action Packed, with Eighteen Movies.
Start with the Open C Major Chord. Learn which Strings to pick, many Ways to pick, plus
Techniques that Pro's use to get great tone and accurate tuning.

* Go right on to the D Major Chord and learn finger Dexterity.
* Learn several other Major Chord positions, and at the same time some easy moves that sound great.
* We show you Minor Chords too, each with more extra great sounds and easy slides.
* GeorgeBoards™ shows you a new lick on every chord position!
* Our easy 2 note scale utilizing Angle-Slants will sound good for several different chords.
* Experience the 1 - 4 - 5 Chord Progression that many songs are based on demonstrated in: Fmajor-Amajor-Cmajor.

You Get Both Discs:
1. How to get "That Sound" DVD
2. How to get "That Sound" Practice Tracks Audio CD

This DVD is designed to play on your home television set on full screen with good audio and behave like rental movies.
Use your remote control to select the movies of your choice. The pause, back up, and replay features of DVDs
simplify the learning experience.

Book 1 – 2008 How to "Get That Sound" DVD/CD set is a favorite of Lap Steel Guitar players worldwide.

NTSC standard format only. Plays in most PAL international players.