Lap Steel Guitar Instructional DVD GeorgeBoards™ Hank Sr. 2008

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Lap Steel Guitar Instructional DVD GeorgeBoards™ Hank Sr. 2008

Hank Sr. 2008 is our best DVD for learning that "Country Sound".

Prior experience with the C6th tuning, low to high strings C-E-G-A-C-E,
as well as basic lap steel guitar knowledge is recommended.

This Hank Sr. 2008 DVD/CD set is geared toward Lap Steel Guitar players
who would like to learn GeorgeBoards™ versions of licks for imitating
popular country western steel guitar sounds heard on the original recordings of
Hank. The CD contains 4 tracks, played by a professional entertainer, useful as accompaniment when practicing the licks learned in the lessons.

The material presented on this DVD is intended for intermediate level players.
Player's perspective camera angle has super imposed tablature of critical licks
directly above the instructor's hands. The Video Tabs help you learn the
exact strings and fret positions note for note.

The DVD contains movies that demonstrate GeorgeBoards™ versions of licks
to play as accompaniment on:
* Jambalya
* Hey Good Lookin'
* Honky Tonkin'
* Bonus Footage: George's Version of Cold Cold Heart

These sounds will work nicely on all sorts of other country western type songs.

This DVD is designed to play on your home television set
on full screen with good audio and behave like rental movies.
Use your remote control to select the movies of your choice.
The pause, back up, and replay features of DVDs
simplify the learning experience.

NTSC standard format. Plays in most PAL international players.