"Ray Kester Travels" presented by Interpretive Specialists

  • Ray Kester Travels


"Ray Kester Travels" presented by Interpretive Specialists

This DVD is your Passport for a trip around the world with Ray. 

Present your Back Stage Pass to view never before seen footage of the travels and experiences of Ray on tour.  Join him on his adventures in some of the most exotic places on Earth.

Soar from the highest bunjee jumps in existence. Feel the warmth of island ocean breezes.  Get up close and personal with Great White Sharks and Australian Crocodiles.  Relax in remote nature settings.  Access all this and more when you watch Ray Kester Travels.

Best of all you get to listen to the unique musical talent of Ray Kester. Three new songs accompany movie footage.  Ray plays electric bass and acoustic guitar and sings all his own original lyrics.

As a special feature, this DVD/CD set contains an audio enhanced CD so you can listen to Ray "on the go".
* Run Away - Ray Kester - 4:59 min
* Stumbled - Ray Kester - 4:39 min
* Stay With Me - Ray Kester - 4:40 min

DVD movie - 40 min

Music by Ray Kester
Travel video by Ray Kester
Music video by George Piburn
Editing by Pamela Piburn
Directed by GeorgeBoards
Produced by Interpretive Specialists