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More of the things I've been working on lately.

MauisMusicMagic Webpage Design

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Social Network Twitter Page Design

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PJsDVDs Webpage Design

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YouTube videos and animations

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Google Plus Networking Design

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Ruby On Rails Blog Application

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Current/previous positions and skill set


Hartwick College
Bachelor of Science

Nursing, Mathematics, and Fortran Programming

San Diego Continuing Education
North City Campus

Computer programming classes Linux, PHP, MySQL, Flash, Dreamweaver, Apache, Premier Pro, Ecommerce, Microsoft Office and related Microsoft Applications - Excel, Word, PowerPoint

MOOC Courses
Online Coursera Universities: U of London, U of NM, Georgia Tech, U of PA, Berklee College of Music

Creative Programming, Music Production, Music Technology, Song Writing, Marketing, Web Application Architectures

Non-responsive design examples

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